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Sharon Osbourne cheers on a woman for cutting off a man’s penis without provocation.

No feminist group ever protested Sharon Osbourne’s behavior. Yet they say they’re about equality.

More examples to come and they’ll keep coming until we start hearing from feminists about this.

But of course Robin Thicke’s blurred lines was apparently worse than this.

wow what the fuck “I do think it’s quite fabulous”, no cutting off someone’s dick because they don’t want to be with you anymore (and this shows why) is not “fabulous”. That’s disgusting, vile, abusive, and insane.

I’m gonna fucking cry. One of the women actually had a good point… “We shouldn’t be sitting around laughing at this because if a man cut a woman’s breast off we all know nobody would be laughing.” But then that piece of shit with the red hair says “it’s different”. How the FUCK is this different? What the FUCKING FUCK? If anything, this is WORSE because a penis is ESSENTIAL for reproduction and urination. It’s “different”. Feminism 2013: Cutting off dicks is okay. FUCK THIS SHIT.

That piece of shit with red hair is Sharon Osbourne, she runs that show. She was never censured for this.

I remember when they came back to this issue and put Sharon under the spotlight for her comments.

"Come on, of course I don’t endorse or approve of this."

Your laughter says otherwise, you vile cunt.

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