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Did anyone else find this really sexist? Why did the trailer have to begin with Samus being punched in the kidney like it’s funny? Especially when she didn’t even attack him, she just noticed that he was short and he becomes a nutjob and hits her like that. That’s not cool, Nintendo.

Okay so, first of all: bullshit.


Not to mention there was a bit with Wii fit trainer OWNING LITTLE MAC’S ASS IN HIS OWN DEBUT TRAILER.

…Seriously? Someone’s calling this sexist? Wow just…find more pointless reasons to be pissed off for no reason. She was comparing heights because back in Brawl when he was an Assist Trophy the developers compared his size to Smash’s tallest character. The whole five seconds was a joke regarding that one moment in history. Nevermind the fact that you yourself are being sexist by implying that as a woman Samus shouldn’t be hit in a legal above the belt body area, miss beckyspage.

^This. Just this. Seriously. This IS NOT sexist.

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